SkyGo fullscreen on second monitor

There are several „tutorials“ on the web about how to get SkyGo working in fullscreen mode when having it on a second monitor and still being able to work at the primary display.

The problem is, when you use the builtin-fullscreen mode of the SkyGo player and then trying to work on the primary monitor, then the fullscreen mode of the second monitor will be disabled and you get the normal player again.

There are some tutorials on the web which tell you something about using the browser zoom function and then the browser-builtin fullscreen mode. That is crap. The quality is bad, and additionally you get some ugly scrollbars visible.

Another solution is to set up a virtual machine (VM) and to let SkyGo run from there. That is crap too. Just too much effort to setup and additionally you might have performance problems.

The best solution I found is by just manipulating the player in the browser in a way that it just takes up all of the available viewport. That has a very nice advantages: You have no scrollbars, no performance decrease and especially: Very nice quality (full HD)!

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Open the browser developer bar (rightclick somewhere in the browser window and choose „Inspect element“, or just click F12) and choose the tab „Console“
  2. Paste the following into the command line of the console:

    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer').style.position = "fixed";
    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer') = "0px";
    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer').style.left = "0px";
    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer').style.width = "100%";
    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer').style.height = "100%";
    document.getElementById('PolymediaShowPlayer').style.zIndex = "50001";
  3. Execute that code (small green „run“ button on the right in IE, for Firefox just press enter)
  4. Close the developer bar again and press F11 to let the browser go into fullscreen mode


The solution is from Maximilian Friedmann, posted in a comment at, I just wanted to archive it here.